Areas of Socialization and Culture Assimilation

Image: Downtown London




The image above captures the daytime scene of the most popular night life locations in London. In this photo, The Ceeps and Barneys are being shown with popular bars such as The Barking Frog just down the street. This photo displays the popular points of socialization within one society to represent the much larger geographical scale of social establishments that contribute to western culture, similar to the effects of these types of establishments around the world. Going out to the bars and meeting new people illustrates the sociological concept of social construction of identities. Typically, people want to be assimilated into this sort of culture during the years of post-adolescence, so places like the bars are were this sort of assimilation is done. This effect of western culture is heavily seen in those who are new to the night life and get to experience the culture for the first time.


Ryan Mitchell. March 13, 2018. Location: The Ceeps, Downtown London, ON.


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Carried Traditions



The sociological concept that is illustrated in this photo is Cultural Universals. More specifically the concept of cultural assimilation. This photo was taken at my parents’ house. They immigrated to Canada 20 years ago. However, they carried traditions from Sudan and brought them to Canada. The idea of cultural assimilation is the process of different ethnic backgrounds absorbing the dominant culture of the society they live in (Elizebth Prine Pauls).

The setup depicted in the image above is a very common arrangement seen in a Sudanese household. It displays traditional Sudanese sculptures as well as burning Bakhoor which is type of incense which is typically burned in a Sudanese’s household. It’s rare for a minority group to replenish pervious cultural practice entirely. This would be a great example of cultural assimilation due to the fact that assimilation involves replacing values, traditions, and norms to the dominant culture of the society. Which isn’t the case with my parents as they are still holding on to culture.

The Culture of Fast Food


In today’s society, we are encouraged throughout the media through use of television, novels, and advertisement that we should have an ideal body and have a healthy lifestyle. Although, we see fast food places lowering the prices of the unhealthy food in order to encourage us to pick the unhealthy food over the healthy food we see in grocery stores. By fast food prices being lower, capitalism is encouraging us to spend money on fast food places that are easy to access, affordable, and adding to our economy. The culture of food in everyday society wants us to spend money on fast food since it is easily accessible for our busy everyday lives and although we are supposed to have an ideal body, they want us to spend our money on fast food places to help our economy.


Brooklyn Renee Einwiller, March 13th, 2018, Prince Alberts Diner, London Ontario. Characters 149.


Gendered Toiletries


Same ingredients, description, and price yet the deodorant are stereotypically designed by gender roles. The“Female” softer, and curvier, while “male” darker and bold cut.


Tina Huynh –  Real Canadian Superstore London, ON – February 25, 2018

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Gender Stereotypes


According to western societies rigid gender roles and stereotypes, my son would be frowned upon for wanting to play and dress up as a princess, which is usually an ascribed role for a girl.

Reanna Jean Bandi, March 15 2018, Family home, London Ont.


fast frozen food

Fast Frozen Food, which can be kept longer and more convenient to cook. The diet culture and modern life are closely related because of it is suitable for the fast paced social life.



ChunKun Song, March. 10, 2018, United Supermarket, London, ON.

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Marxism at its Finest

 This photo represents the humbling experience of realizing one lives a life better than most due to the societal creation and acceptance known as the social class system.  (Kiana Wong, February 25, 2018, Kingston, Jamaica) – 143 Characters

This photo represents the humbling experience of realizing one lives a life better than most due to the societal creation and acceptance known as the social class system.
(Kiana Wong, February 25, 2018, Kingston, Jamaica) – 143 Characters

Ascribed status

sociology pic

The ascribed status of white Canadian individuals has put them on the path post-secondary education. This is why the majority of university students in Canada are white. (Character Count= 143)

Augustine Ferri, March , 2018. Cardinal Carter Library, London, ON.