Areas of Socialization and Culture Assimilation

Image: Downtown London




The image above captures the daytime scene of the most popular night life locations in London. In this photo, The Ceeps and Barneys are being shown with popular bars such as The Barking Frog just down the street. This photo displays the popular points of socialization within one society to represent the much larger geographical scale of social establishments that contribute to western culture, similar to the effects of these types of establishments around the world. Going out to the bars and meeting new people illustrates the sociological concept of social construction of identities. Typically, people want to be assimilated into this sort of culture during the years of post-adolescence, so places like the bars are were this sort of assimilation is done. This effect of western culture is heavily seen in those who are new to the night life and get to experience the culture for the first time.


Ryan Mitchell. March 13, 2018. Location: The Ceeps, Downtown London, ON.


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