Gender Roles


The social activities that males participate in require them to act by their predetermined gender role, working out shows masculinity, an essential aspect of male identity. (Characters: 147)

-Neal Fleet, March 14, 2018. Western Rec Center, London ON-


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We expect kids to be social and be successful yet we cram information down their throats while giving them all of these distractions that cause more loneliness than anything.

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Let’s be Serious Here


We play the same sports, we go to the same school, we work. Whats different? No matter how many times people say we are equal it will never be true. How hard do we have to work before they see that all we want is to be the same, to be equal. #therewillalwaysbedominantcultures/sexes


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This photo is an example of how Canada is a cultural mosaic of many ethnic and culture groups all being integrated and accepted into Canada, making us the diverse country that we are.

Joanna Lerikos, Feb. 18, 2018, Chinatown, Montreal, QC, 151 characters



(photo takes: Luying Li, October. 23, 2017, 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8, ON))

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haunted house

Subculture, also known as collective culture or subculture, refers to those non-mainstream, partial cultural phenomena corresponding to the main culture, referring to the characteristics of a certain region or a certain group in the context of the main culture or comprehensive culture. Concepts and lifestyles, a subculture not only contains the values and concepts that are in common with the main culture, but also has its own unique values and concepts.

There are various classification methods for subcultures. For example, the age subculture can be divided into youth culture and old age culture; the subculture of ecology can be divided into urban culture, suburban culture and rural culture. Because the subculture is a social psychological environment that directly affects or affects people’s survival, its influence is often greater than that of the main culture. It can give people a distinctive spiritual style and temperament that can be identified and belongs to a certain group or group.

A haunted house is a house that is considered to have a monster or a haunted person because of a murder or simply because of disrepair. In addition, there are amusement facilities in the amusement park to artificially create monsters to scare tourists. It is also known as a haunted house.

The haunted house is one of the concrete expressions of the subculture of the consternation and is also the most intuitive manifestation. Hundreds of years ago, people just talked about terror, horror, and consciously avoiding these things. In the present, this has become a form of entertainment. At the same time, it has brought great commercial benefits.
From the early disdain for the subculture, the disdain, or the spread of fear to the present, the universality of the haunted houses represents the increasing acceptance of subcultures. This is also a change in people’s perspective to subculture.