Carried Traditions



The sociological concept that is illustrated in this photo is Cultural Universals. More specifically the concept of cultural assimilation. This photo was taken at my parents’ house. They immigrated to Canada 20 years ago. However, they carried traditions from Sudan and brought them to Canada. The idea of cultural assimilation is the process of different ethnic backgrounds absorbing the dominant culture of the society they live in (Elizebth Prine Pauls).

The setup depicted in the image above is a very common arrangement seen in a Sudanese household. It displays traditional Sudanese sculptures as well as burning Bakhoor which is type of incense which is typically burned in a Sudanese’s household. It’s rare for a minority group to replenish pervious cultural practice entirely. This would be a great example of cultural assimilation due to the fact that assimilation involves replacing values, traditions, and norms to the dominant culture of the society. Which isn’t the case with my parents as they are still holding on to culture.